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  1. Social media is intrinsic to our daily lives, on average we spend nearly 200 minutes per day scrolling through news feeds, posting photos, liking comments and sharing our experiences. As we shift to look at the business value of social media, it provides marketers with the opportunity to access customer feedback.
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  2. The opinions of your customers are important; they can tell you what they love about your business and they can also tell you what areas need improvement. So, collecting customer feedback is necessary if you want to increase customer retention and grow your business.
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  3. It’s become something of a trend for U.S. consumers to share their thoughts about the customer service they have received -- good and bad --through social media. That said, the NICE/BCG 2016 Consumer Experience Report shows that many consumers are starting to have doubts about whether or not social media platforms alone are a way for brands to address their issues.
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  4. Long gone are the days when customer complaints went directly to a customer care call center or cluttered email inbox. Nowadays, if you’re a business owner, your customers expect—and demand—an immediate response. Meet the answers to their prayers: social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter or review sites like Yelp. So, do you know how to respond to negative customer feedback on social media?
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  5. If you’re a business but not on social media already, then you need to be. If you already have social media presence, it’s important that you are active and responsive.

    Social media is an extremely important customer service tool—in fact your most important customer service tool these days—here’s why:
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  6. Social media gives anyone and everyone a voice and the vast majority aren’t afraid to use theirs, especially when it comes to giving negative feedback on brands. So, what should you do in the event your company receives negative customer feedback on social media? We took to the internet to see what we could find out...
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  7. According to a CB Insights report, 42% of startups fail because there’s no market need for the product or service they offer. This is a distressing statistic for would-be entrepreneurs. An often overlooked or underappreciated first step to starting a new business is determining the market demand for the product or service. As a digital marketing expert, I see many first-time business owners get caught up in an interesting business idea but fail in engaging people through lack of demand. Demand can be created, but it takes time, extensive resources and some luck. Unless you have the capital of Apple or Microsoft, this isn’t a feasible strategy.
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  8. Throughout recent years, social media has been slowly developing to become a hub for data consisting of information related to the way people interact with content. Platforms such as Facebook, its protege Instagram and the offbeat Twitter are rushing to compete for the attention of both businesses and individuals, but not as social networks. Instead, the “connect” part is long but a glimpse in the side mirror of a bus headed towards advertising-land. Today, it’s all about big data!
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  9. In addition to no longer having a choice on whether they need a digital strategy, most business owners are almost incapable of being experts in their field while being experts in social and digital media. Social and advertising platforms experience constant changes that have potential to alter the success or failure of a campaign if left unmanaged. That's why it's so important to hire or outsource a dedicated digital marketing team.
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  10. Customer testimonials and reviews are becoming increasingly important in a homeowner’s decision-making process when hiring a builder, remodeler, or contractor. Most people won’t even see a movie or visit a restaurant without first reading reviews, so there’s no doubt they’re going to do extensive research when it comes to buying a new home or remodeling their current one.
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