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  1. There’s a strong chance you and your dev team are already relying on Jira for backlog management of technical projects, assigning bugs and scheduling sprints. And while Jira can be fantastic for managing these aspects, it has downsides as a thorough system of record for product management; most importantly, Jira often becomes a dumping ground for feedback and ideas without any purposeful priorities. A black hole of input makes Agile development methods really tricky.
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  2. With the influx of mobile apps across the industry, competition is high. This means organisations must continuously optimise their mobile app(s), stay innovative and listen to what they’re customers are saying. And this is where in-app feedback plays an important role.
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  3. Gathering customer feedback is a mainstay in business. However, most companies have recognized that closed-ended surveys aren’t enough to gain powerful insights into the customer experience (CX). Instead, a voice of the customer (VoC) program is a necessity for any company that wants to understand and act on customer sentiment.
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  4. The old mantra of customer experience professionals is to “Ensure that customers achieve their desired outcomes while using our products and services.” However, this is very limiting and leaves a lot of goodwill (and profit) on the table. This is why the CX definition needs to be expanded to: “Ensure that our customers achieve their desired outcomes, starting when they become aware of us, and extending through the buying, delivery and usage process.
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  5. Enterprises across the globe are looking for digital business partners to help them improve customer experience while also leveraging emerging technologies like artificial intelligence and blockchain, according to a new report published today by Information Services Group (ISG) (Nasdaq: III), a leading global technology research and advisory firm.
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  6. Only by taking a truly customer centric approach will new innovation work and technology adoption be successful. From net promoter scores and customer feedback, to in-branch intelligence - this data is truly invaluable to tailoring service offerings.
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  7. We live in an age where customer feedback has never been so crucial to the success of a business. The Amazons, Tescos and John Lewis’ of this world have thrived precisely because they listen to what their customers want – either through direct feedback, or the data.

    There’s nothing stronger than having constructive feedback in order to improve customer experience, but if customers are listened to and engaged with well, it also gives you something that money can’t buy – advocates.
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  8. Social media is intrinsic to our daily lives, on average we spend nearly 200 minutes per day scrolling through news feeds, posting photos, liking comments and sharing our experiences. As we shift to look at the business value of social media, it provides marketers with the opportunity to access customer feedback.
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  9. When you're trying to deliver an exceptional product, it's easy to get lost in the constant deluge of customer feedback. Your users are likely communicating with your company through multiple channels and it can seem like feedback gets lost in a black hole. So we asked 10 experts questions to learn more about how they collect and prioritize customer feedback.
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  10. There’s no denying the rise of direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands. After all, these companies have created a competitive advantage in today’s retail space. A lot of it boils down to how well DTC brands have focused on building meaningful relationships with their customers, and more importantly, maintaining them.
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