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  1. Improving the customer experience and improve your business operationally means keeping up with the many ways customers communicate with you.

    Contributor and SMX speaker, Adam Dorfman, thinks the customer feedback ecosystem is going to play an even more important role in the coming year for businesses looking to improve operations and the customer experience.
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  2. Remember the mom and pop shops of years past? Their customer service was something to be emulated. Employees went out of their way to ensure an experience that encouraged customers to return time and time again.

    All new entrepreneurs must jump in with both feet and the understanding that their company’s customer service needs to be as outstanding and memorable as that of the past — the company’s success will depend on it.
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  3. With New Year’s sales happening all around us, it's critical to implement customer-retention strategies that will keep your buyers loyal beyond peak revenue periods. After all, why should Amazon be the only retailer or e-commerce brand to grab so much of the sales?
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  4. In a recent study published by Prophecy Market Insights, titled, Global Customer Feedback Software Market Research Report, analysts offers an in-depth analysis of global Customer Feedback Software market. The study analyses the various aspect of the market by studying its historic and forecast data. The research report provides Porters five force model, SWOT analysis, and PESTEL analysis of the Customer Feedback Software market. The different areas covered in the report are Customer Feedback Software market size, drivers and restrains, segment analysis, geographic outlook, major manufacturers in the market, and competitive landscape.
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  5. 80% of companies consider customer experience to be one of their most powerful competitive differentiators. In order to keep pace and be a disruptor in this digital customer experience battlefield, you should consider tapping into artificial intelligence. Machines and algorithms have become increasingly smart, to an extent that they can pick up the slack and speed up different business processes.

    In this guest post, Qeedle’s Michael Deane shares some of the most effective ways AI-based automation tools can help you wow your customers.
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  6. The role of marketing has never been more important to businesses – and marketers have never been more stressed and resource challenged. Website, content, social media, public relations and product marketing all fall under the marketing umbrella, making it the biggest lead generator in the company.

    In fact, budget for lead acquisition is often the biggest “discretionary” budget in a company. Yet, according the Hubspot’s State of Inbound report, more than 60 percent of marketers feel generating traffic and leads is the biggest challenge facing the organization – followed by 40 percent of marketings feeling the heat to justify ROI to the rest of the organization.
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  7. For retailers with a yesterday mindset this holiday season every day is a potential “bleak Friday.” Reflecting larger cultural trends, the retail world is changing in ways that constantly challenge conventional assumptions about how to reach consumers.

    Simply put, retailers no longer call the shots. “Demand once had to walk to supply,” says industry analyst Brian Kilcourse, a managing partner at RSR Research. “Now supply needs to move toward demand.”
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  8. Simple questions have the power to reveal some invaluable truths. Consider the question at the heart of every Net Promoter Score questionnaire: how likely are you to recommend our company to a friend or colleague?

    The responses can help your brand to determine your overall customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. But how can you turn those insights into actions that increase CSAT and grow your revenue.
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  9. Every business receives customer feedback, both positive and negative, at some point. Some companies view customer opinions as pointless jargon without considering how they can use it to their advantage.

    Around 95 percent of marketers say that accessing current customer data is the biggest obstacle to reaching marketing success. With such an outstanding, prevalent issue, it’s crucial that your business doesn’t fall into the same trap and lose out on conversions. There are many ways to use customer feedback to improve your marketing strategy so your business sees growth. Here are four tactics you can use to take your brand to the next level.
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  10. A new research study from HTF MI with title Global Customer Feedback Software Market Size, Status and Forecast 2019-2025 provides an in-depth assessment of the Customer Feedback Software including key market trends, upcoming technologies, industry drivers, challenges, regulatory policies, key players company profiles and strategies. The research study provides forecasts for Customer Feedback Software market till 2025.
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