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  1. The laravel-kustomizer package is a customizable feedback widget for your Laravel applications. It allows you to implement a customer feedback component on your website using Vue.js, but you can apply it in any frontend tool of your choice.
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  2. There’s something that you can see in all kinds of retail stores and airports and hotels that our guest today wishes would just go away. And that’s the customer service desk. You know what I’m talking about, the desk or stand with the sign above it where you often have to wait in line and then explain everything that happened to finally get something taken care of?

    Our guest believes that that desk sends the wrong message, not just to customers, but to employees; that it’s silently telling all the other workers, they don’t have to mess with problems or handle complaints because customer service will take care of it – it’s their job.
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  3. Remember the mom and pop shops of years past? Their customer service was something to be emulated. Employees went out of their way to ensure an experience that encouraged customers to return time and time again.

    All new entrepreneurs must jump in with both feet and the understanding that their company’s customer service needs to be as outstanding and memorable as that of the past — the company’s success will depend on it.
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  4. The old adage “the customer is always right” may frustrate some companies, but getting to the heart of the customer voice through robust data aggregation and analysis tools has never been easier. Social media has now given everyone a feedback channel that customer service organizations can harness to improve offerings and stay competitive.
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