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  1. Business owners and marketers understand the value of customer feedback. Listening to what your customers, prospects, and potential leads think can have a considerable impact on the growth of your company.

    There are plenty of great forums where you can listen to your audience. Platforms like social media and email offer excellent opportunities for having a personal conversation with your customers and understanding their needs.
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  2. Famous entrepreneurs Henry Ford and Steve Jobs were known for dismissing customer feedback. However, their stories prove that by ignoring consumers blindspots are created and competitors succeed, writes, Leela Srinivasan SurveyMonkey CMO.
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  3. There’s something that you can see in all kinds of retail stores and airports and hotels that our guest today wishes would just go away. And that’s the customer service desk. You know what I’m talking about, the desk or stand with the sign above it where you often have to wait in line and then explain everything that happened to finally get something taken care of?

    Our guest believes that that desk sends the wrong message, not just to customers, but to employees; that it’s silently telling all the other workers, they don’t have to mess with problems or handle complaints because customer service will take care of it – it’s their job.
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  4. Remember the mom and pop shops of years past? Their customer service was something to be emulated. Employees went out of their way to ensure an experience that encouraged customers to return time and time again.

    All new entrepreneurs must jump in with both feet and the understanding that their company’s customer service needs to be as outstanding and memorable as that of the past — the company’s success will depend on it.
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  5. Simple questions have the power to reveal some invaluable truths. Consider the question at the heart of every Net Promoter Score questionnaire: how likely are you to recommend our company to a friend or colleague?

    The responses can help your brand to determine your overall customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. But how can you turn those insights into actions that increase CSAT and grow your revenue.
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  6. For retailers, one of the most important aspects of their business is the level of customer service they offer to shoppers — and the busy season is no exception. In fact, many retailers often bring on additional team members during the busy holiday season to ensure that their customers receive the level of service they deserve. Self-service checkout kiosks, designed to allow customers to quickly scan, pay for, and bag their items can be used to complement these efforts. They can also enable some employees to take on more customer service-centric roles, further increasing the number of employees available to help throughout a store and improving the level of customer service shoppers receive.
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  7. Customer service surveys allow you to take a peek into your customers’ minds. You can learn about their problems, needs and do something about them. It’s your very own customer service magic. But instead of a crystal ball, you need a few, well worded customer service survey questions.

    Without some form of a survey for your customers, you are forced to guess and make estimates when it comes to your customers’ satisfaction. And going only by your gut when making business decisions is not the most reliable option.

    Start making more informed business decisions by collecting customer feedback. See what customer service survey questions you should ask and how you should do it to get the best results.
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  8. In the marketing world, businesses have moved from a pure B2C/B2B model to a P2P model (People to People). People buy from people, and customer experience should be no different.

    The path to business success and growth is paved with quality customer experiences (CX). CX is arguably the #1 proven way to positively impact revenue, especially over the long-term. There are usually a number of touch-points in the buyers’ journey, and if a customer is not satisfied at each one, they can very easily go elsewhere. Competition is fierce, especially in a thriving global economy. Only companies that deliver consistently superior CX will create emotional connections that are strong enough to earn customer support. Once a buyer has chosen your company the challenge is to keep them as a customer and build a relationship, reducing churn and increasing life time value.
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  9. In business, you set goals and encourage your team relentlessly to accomplish those goals. Turning a vision into reality takes discipline, passion and a motivated team. As a leader, you have an innate understanding of what customers want. You often make decisions based on your gut, which has served you well over the years and helped your ascent.
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  10. It's time for a reality check. Chatbots are killing customer service.

    Obliterating it, maybe.

    If you're a customer, you probably already know that. The computer programs that conduct clumsy conversations with you when you have a customer question are maddening. But if you work for a company, maybe you won't believe chatbots are killing customer service until you see the evidence.
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