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  1. It’s finally here! The feature you’ve all been waiting for… Mopinion’s new feedback form translation feature! In response to the high demand among our customers, we’ve just launched a new feature in our form configuration section, which allows users to add multiple translations to the same feedback form.
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  2. Customer feedback is important for any business that wants to better themselves. We can collect feedback on virtually any aspect of our business—our customer support, our website’s usability, the effectiveness of email campaigns, you name it.

    But the problem is, unless you’re offering incentive for users to complete your customer feedback forms, such as discount coupons or free swag, users typically hate to give feedback (because…well…they’re boring and they’d much rather be doing something else entirely).
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  3. Your sales have dropped. So has customer retention. You wonder what could you be doing better.
    You probably have some ideas, but the best way to get the answers to this question is to ask your customers for candid feedback.
    Maybe you are already asking them if they are satisfied. If so, is the data telling you what you need to know?
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  4. In Mopinion’s latest webinar ‘3 Practical feedback forms that drive online conversion’, webinar host Udesh Jadnanansing tackles the three critical stages of the online ordering process and provides tips on how to drive online sales using 3 powerful feedback forms. He also advises how to trigger these forms, which kinds of questions to ask and how these results can be analysed in a way that lets you easily generate leads, monitor online performance and gather insights to increase sales.
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  5. An exit feedback form is an online tool used to reveal why visitors are leaving a website, especially at crucial moments. For example, when visitors abandon their activities in various ordering funnels or other conversion points on the website. This includes shopping cart abandonment, one of the most common among online visitors.
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  6. In the digital marketing landscape there also is a need for “Do-It-Yourself” tools. With our feedback reporting software we have combined this need into a leading self-service feedback management solution. Besides giving you – as a marketer – the possibility to build your own feedback forms, we also offer leading feedback data analysis and visualisation tools.
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  7. Don’t worry! For those of you who have missed it, we’ve got you covered. In this webinar, we have outlined ways in which you can build your own feedback forms and dashboards so you can become a feedback pro!
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  8. Want to take a quick tour of the core features our customer feedback software has to offer? Mopinion’s newly released demo clip highlights a number of features available by giving you a guided tour of our software.
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  9. An online feedback form is a tool used to capture feedback on websites and mobile apps. It is a way for marketers to keep a constant pulse on customers’ wants and needs and determine whether they’ve reached their online goals.
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