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  1. CUPERTINO, Calif. — SugarCRM Inc.®, the company that helps organizations deliver exceptional customer experiences, is driving the future of the industry as the only vendor providing customers a complete view of their data, both historical and forward-looking with its time-aware customer experience (CX) platform. The time-aware foundation is one-of-a-kind, recording, storing and making available all the data needed to intelligently forecast the future for businesses of all sizes.
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  2. One of the best things you can do in 2020 is to improve the customer experience. Nearly a third (32%) of customers say they will stop doing business with a brand after just one bad experience. On the flip side, when they have a great experience, they tend to spend more money and return more often.

    How bad is the problem? 54% of consumers say that the customer experience at most companies needs to be improved. You may not be able to fix everything all at once, but you must pay attention to the things that matter most to customers.
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  3. If Dockalova had a wishlist as a customer experience professional for 2020, it’d be continuing to align her company across departments to deliver customer experience as a whole, take on more face-to-face customer service for passengers and continuing to strengthen the relationship with her company’s marketing team.
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  4. There is a constant tension between what the engineers want to design and what the customer actually needs. Far too few B2B companies are engaged in listening to systematic customer feedback and even asking for feedback from the new business acquisition teams on what challenges customers are trying to solve.
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  5. When it comes to delivering great customer experiences, digitally native and direct-to-consumer (DTC) businesses have significantly innovated the ecommerce model: They have used data to enhance the customer experience at every step along the purchase journey. In addition to offering products and services that people want, these companies understand that delivering consistency and engagement is critical to converting customers. A company focused on a quality digital experience across all channels also comes across as brand authentic and is often better equipped to maintain long-term relationships with customers.
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  6. The Economic Board recently started collecting customer feedback using Mopinion software. Curious as to their motives with our software, Mopinion decided to dig a little deeper and learn more about their intentions with our software as well as feedback goals in general. The Economic Board is a Triple Helix collaboration between government, knowledge institutes and the business community in the region of Arnhem – Nijmegen (the Netherlands), including Wageningen. They communicate about the exceptional potential of the region and connect parties with one another.
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  7. If you own or manage an e-commerce business, then you’re aware that a solid customer experience (CX) strategy is vital to success. But before you consider tackling CX, it’s important to understand what it is and what it can do for your business.
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  8. It is not enough to simply claim to be customer obsessed. In a climate where a moment of inconvenience could be enough to push customers to switch to your competitor, brands have no choice but to deliver what customers want. To do this with accuracy, brands need to consistently plug themselves into various sources of customer feedback.

    But the reality is 91 per cent customer feedback is not properly used today, with many businesses overwhelmed by the task of processing the high volumes of insights and the soaring costs when deployed at scale.
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  9. For retailers, one of the most important aspects of their business is the level of customer service they offer to shoppers — and the busy season is no exception. In fact, many retailers often bring on additional team members during the busy holiday season to ensure that their customers receive the level of service they deserve. Self-service checkout kiosks, designed to allow customers to quickly scan, pay for, and bag their items can be used to complement these efforts. They can also enable some employees to take on more customer service-centric roles, further increasing the number of employees available to help throughout a store and improving the level of customer service shoppers receive.
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  10. For expanding a salon business or making a salon business successful, knowing the customer experience is essential as investing in the salon can lure customers but could not assure spike in success rates. By modifying the salon interior and using the latest technology, the customers easily get tempted and choose one salon over others. Apart from creating a positive impression, latest technology and expensive interior embellishment don’t significantly improve customer experience.
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