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  1. Stanley Martin Homes, a highly respected homebuilder operating in the housing market for over 53 years, has selected Avid Ratings to measure homebuyer satisfaction. Through this partnership, Stanley Martin and Avid will transform the customer lifecycle by using meaningful data to unlock insights and enhance the customer journey.
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  2. One of the best things you can do in 2020 is to improve the customer experience. Nearly a third (32%) of customers say they will stop doing business with a brand after just one bad experience. On the flip side, when they have a great experience, they tend to spend more money and return more often.

    How bad is the problem? 54% of consumers say that the customer experience at most companies needs to be improved. You may not be able to fix everything all at once, but you must pay attention to the things that matter most to customers.
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  3. If you’ve ever worked in the service industry I’m sure the chant “the customer is always right” still rings in your head. Customer service and the customer journey are not new concepts. However, the medium that customer service is carried out through today is new. With the eruption and growth of the internet over the past 20 years – the entire customer journey has been rewritten – no matter how long you’ve been in business or what industry you’re in. As the way we do business evolved, the customer experience evolved with it. But why has it been so difficult for businesses to transition?
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  4. Are you a visual person? Looking for some deeper insights into what your visitors are doing on your website? Want to boost your conversions, but not sure where to start? A heatmapping tool might just be your answer! Heatmapping tools are great for tracking user behaviour patterns on specific pages of your website and are actually quite easy to use.
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  5. If you have a big growth goal to reach in 2019, you can leverage your customer insights from your Voice of Customer (VOC) data to achieve it. And on the flip side, if you have already invested in a VOC initiative, there are multiple ways you can use this data to influence your company growth.
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  6. No function handles a broader range of customer touchpoints than customer care. Executives would be wise to make it the centerpiece of any effort to transform the customer experience.

    Consumer expectations are rising across the board—not due to a specific industry but from all of the excellent interactions that leading companies provide.
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  7. Expresso Fashion and Claudia Sträter are two well-known Dutch fashion brands with stores in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Alongside their more traditional, brick-and-mortar shops, these labels are also sold online. This omni-channel strategy makes it possible for these two webshops to not only serve as sales channels but also platforms for inspiration. Visitors can get their inspiration online and then choose to do their shopping in the webshop or in-store. In other words, their online services are critical to the success of both on- and offline channels.

    Let’s take a look at how they’ve experienced the Mopinion software thus far…
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  8. How many surveys have you received in the past week? I just checked my inbox, and I’ve received seven total, which averages to one survey per day.

    If you recently made a purchase or canceled a service, your survey probably goes one of two ways: “Why did you choose us?” or “Why are you leaving us?”

    Imagine if you could engage with your customers on a more intimate level throughout their lifecycle while they’re engaged with your website or app. By asking questions throughout the customer journey, as opposed to just the beginning or end, you’re guaranteed to have a higher response rate opening yourself up to a wealth of knowledge about your customer's decision-making process. You would already know why they are choosing to cancel based on their previous interactions with you.
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  9. Measuring the omni-channel customer experience starts with installing listening posts across all the different touchpoints and throughout the entire customer journey.

    What is a Listening Post?

    A structured approach to collecting customer feedback on individual touchpoints from the website to the in-store experience to the call center. Each listening post includes a research map, an engagement method and the destination of where the feedback will be actioned such as in a report or integrating with other systems.

    This customer feedback allows you to uncover customer needs, wants and expectations across the website, contact center, brick-and-mortar locations and other channels on which your brand is present. When gathered, organized and leveraged correctly, this data provides you with a roadmap to launch more targeted and effective campaigns, eliminating much of the guesswork in optimizing the customer experience.
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  10. Have you ever had an irrelevant ad follow you around the Internet for a week? Or did you try to buy something online but checkout was too much of a pain? Or you clicked a link only to land on information different from what you expected to see?

    Customers today are used to brands disappointing them online. That's why the vast majority of marketing emails are ignored, along with the majority of carts being abandoned and mobile apps being uninstalled.
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