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  1. You are an online marketer or eCommerce manager of a successful webshop and you’ve got all the necessary tools up and running. You’ve got your ads and retargeting efforts that provide you with leads. Then there’s A/B testing which provides insight into what is and isn’t converting your visitors. Meanwhile your web analytics and heatmaps are showing you what’s happening on your site. This is often the basic toolkit for webshops, which is logical, because it is important to know what your visitors are doing on your website. Unfortunately these tools don’t provide a complete understanding of the customer…
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  2. How many surveys have you received in the past week? I just checked my inbox, and I’ve received seven total, which averages to one survey per day.

    If you recently made a purchase or canceled a service, your survey probably goes one of two ways: “Why did you choose us?” or “Why are you leaving us?”

    Imagine if you could engage with your customers on a more intimate level throughout their lifecycle while they’re engaged with your website or app. By asking questions throughout the customer journey, as opposed to just the beginning or end, you’re guaranteed to have a higher response rate opening yourself up to a wealth of knowledge about your customer's decision-making process. You would already know why they are choosing to cancel based on their previous interactions with you.
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  3. Mopinion Launches Ground-breaking Online Customer Journeys Programme
    Unique online research software solution helps businesses capture and analyse online customer journeys in real-time to improve services and increase sales.
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