5 ways online customer feedback can optimise your webshop

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  1. You are an online marketer or eCommerce manager of a successful webshop and youve got all the necessary tools up and running. Youve got your ads and retargeting efforts that provide you with leads. Then theres A/B testing which provides insight into what is and isnt converting your visitors. Meanwhile your web analytics and heatmaps are showing you whats happening on your site. This is often the basic toolkit for webshops, which is logical, because it is important to know what your visitors are doing on your website. Unfortunately these tools dont provide a complete understanding of the customer
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Mopinion is a proud sponsor of Customer Feedback News. The voice of the online customer is taking on an increasingly important role when it comes to improving websites and apps. So web analysts and digital marketeers are making more and more use of Customer Feedback Tools in order to collect feedback from the customer. Mopinion takes it one step further and offers a solution to analyse and visualise Customer feedback results from your websites and apps wherever you need them. The real challenge for companies is not about capturing feedback, it is about how to make sense of the data.