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  1. Creating a structure for your app, however, can take a lot of time and energy, unless of course, you have the right tool in place. That is why many mobile developers start out with a mobile app wireframing or mockup tool. Mobile app wireframes can not only help save valuable time (and money!) but also help developers focus on the user experience.
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  2. A growing amount of companies are starting to realise that by attuning to their customer’s needs, they can grasp more opportunities for their own gain. One of these opportunities is the demand for mobile access to information regarding your company, be it regular company details or entire webshops.
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  3. Reviews, comments, and testimonials from customers have become an important currency in the world of ecommerce, and it’s vital that you understand how to leverage this feedback. For one, customer feedback can help you grade your business on performance in terms of products, services, and customer service. However, you can also use feedback to demonstrate that you’re a trustworthy company, and help encourage new customers to trust you with their business.
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  4. Understanding the importance of customer feedback data helps a business to feel the pulse of consumer demand and acquire new customers. Data generated from proper market research and surveys help your business to remain a step ahead in the market.
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  5. Getting feedback is the right thing to do, everybody can agree on that. At every workshop I have ever conducted, 100% of participants agreed that customer feedback is essential. In reality, though, very few companies solicit feedback, and even fewer actually use it. Feedback you don't listen to isn't feedback, it's a wasted opportunity.
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  6. If you run your own business, I know you do your best to please your customers, satisfy their needs, and to keep them loyal to your brand. But how can you be sure that your efforts bring good results? If you do not try to find out what your clients actually think about your service or your product, you will not be able to give them the best customer experience. It’s why their opinions about their experience with your brand are helpful information that you can use to improve your business to fit their needs more accurately.
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  7. Your customers should change your business.

    In the service industry, customers rule. After all, you’re cleaning their homes, maintaining their lawns, and improving their buildings.

    Then why is it that businesses ignore four out of five complaints?

    Let’s take a look at some of the cold hard facts surrounding customer feedback, and explore the value of applying that feedback to real change in the service industry.
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  8. Many people have a misconception about accessibility: that it’s an “optional extra”—as if people with disabilities were not in the same crowd as the average user or learner.
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