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  1. You’ve got your feedback, but what does it really mean? More often than not, an organisation will analyse customer feedback, pick the most common denominator and seek to fix the problem quickly. If this is you, unfortunately, you are doing it wrong.

    Implementing the insight from research into your Customer Experience strategy and acting accordingly is a different story. Just because your satisfaction levels have fallen may not be due to a faulty product as first predicted – you might need to look a bit deeper to discover that actually, the customer service hasn’t been satisfactory or the website is too confusing when purchasing items.

    Whatever it may be, the common denominator doesn’t always mean it’s right. So, the data is in front of you, but what next?
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  2. In this article, the author discusses 6 strategies that will help to raise your NPS and generate more revenues as a result of higher customer satisfaction.
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  3. While content marketing may always be the number one way to reach customers on the web, using data science is the number one way to keep them around once you’ve caught their attention. Data science, also called big data or machine learning, helps companies develop the kind of customer experiences that leave customers satisfied and looking for more from a given company.

    Building customer loyalty is of course key to longstanding success in any market. How can data science help a company succeed over time with an exceptional customer experience?
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  4. We’ve all seen this play out in life: There’s the popular, interesting friend—the reason everyone comes to the party—and the sidekick, the one everyone tolerates because they pick up the tab. This is also the story of media. Media companies (and social media platforms) are the cool friends who attract the audience. Brands pick up the tab in order to be included in that experience.

    It’s been this way since the invention of brand marketing. In the early days of print, radio and TV, audiences were truly thankful for the advertising that made programming possible and accessible. That appreciation made the model work.

    This is a truth we seemed to have forgotten in the digital era. And the promise of automation turned out to be a bit too effective, even removing humans from the audience.
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  5. Any good digital marketer knows how important customer feedback is for their clients. From understanding customer issues to validating new market strategies, you can gain a wide range of information from the customer feedback you receive on Facebook, Instagram, Yelp and more. Feedback, good or bad, is essential for the growth of your business.

    Whenever you search for services online, the first thing you look at is the company’s feedback. For example, when searching for “digital marketing agency Chester”, you will see Social Buzzing in the search engine results. You would then look at the Social Buzzing positive reviews and decide to click on the link. This is how many businesses are chosen by potential customers and why customer feedback, especially in the form of reviews, is important.
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  6. As a business owner, your primary goal is improvement—you’re constantly trying to re-invent your business strategies and ideals to make your company shine. A big part of this is reception: what do your customers think of your company?

    The correlation between popular businesses and higher customer satisfaction is easy to see. It’s true that more people will flock to your company after hearing positive things from friends and family. It’s long been recognized that people remember negative experiences more easily, so what can you do to improve overall customer satisfaction? Let’s look at what you can do to make your company retain the loyalty and respect of your patrons.
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  7. As customers and consumers, you and I now have many ways to tell suppliers what we want, when, how and to give them feedback on their performance as suppliers. Clues from our website navigation patterns, social “likes”, trolley abandons, and even instant chats, together with in-person conversations make up the rich spectrum of omnichannel experiences. But not all suppliers seem able to use this information effectively. My colleagues and I advise marketing leaders on analytics that can sort through all this useful information, but the frequent surprise is how some teams lose themselves in the detail. Often, teams seem to find it challenging to stay true to be the basic job at hand - using information from customers in the best way to drive growth, customer satisfaction and profits.
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  8. Once the feedback is collected, here are a few ways to use this information to improve your business and measure customer satisfaction...
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  9. Customer experience experts have created measurement systems to track customer satisfaction, customer effort score and net promoter score. But there is one area that has been more difficult to translate into a simple metric. Customer Emotion. How do your customers actually feel? How do you measure emotion in customer experience?
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  10. A customer satisfaction survey is a metric that helps companies and/or employees gauge the satisfaction level of their customers. In short, it is a questionnaire that is sent out to customers asking them about their experience. Depending on how the survey is designed, customers can convey their opinions by providing ratings, answering multiple choice questions, by filling out text boxes, or even by giving vocal feedback.
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