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  1. In an article for Bloomberg Technology, Fred Reichheld (whose work at Bain and Company has resulted in widespread use of Net Promoter Score® surveying methodology) notes he is also survey fatigued. As such, it is important to remember that the art of customer listening emulates a lesson from the children’s story Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Soliciting customer feedback can be too much, too little, or just right.
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  2. Customer experience experts have created measurement systems to track customer satisfaction, customer effort score and net promoter score. But there is one area that has been more difficult to translate into a simple metric. Customer Emotion. How do your customers actually feel? How do you measure emotion in customer experience?
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  3. Customer Experience Management (CEM) is big business. In an environment where retaining customers is just as important as winning new ones, the battle lines between competing businesses have shifted significantly in recent years.
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  4. When it comes to customer loyalty it’s very easy for businesses to focus on those people that have had problems or issues and want to complain.
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