Customers are in the driving seat of digital transformation

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  1. While the focus is on newcomers entering industries and threatening the viability of traditional players, it is lack of customer centricity that poses the real threat to incumbents as the so-called disruptors are simply using digital technology to build an operation around the consumer. It is a realisation that is forcing larger companies to transform the way they do things, while a bigger picture is slowly emerging.
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Mopinion is a proud sponsor of Customer Feedback News. The voice of the online customer is taking on an increasingly important role when it comes to improving websites and apps. So web analysts and digital marketeers are making more and more use of Customer Feedback Tools in order to collect feedback from the customer. Mopinion takes it one step further and offers a solution to analyse and visualise Customer feedback results from your websites and apps wherever you need them. The real challenge for companies is not about capturing feedback, it is about how to make sense of the data.